Systemic Coaching

Dreamtime in Ticino, one of the best known and most difficult boulder in the world – a Mecca for boulder climbers and those who consciously want to stretch their limits.
What is the obstacle in your life preventing you from taking the next step making you feel stuck?
Through the Systemic Coaching Approach, our experience and appropriate tools, we’ll develop new perspectives together with you.
As your partner, we’ll help you find a way forward and overcome your obstacles.

Who are we

Who are we

Team Dreamtime Coaching
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We are Dreamtime Coaching: Leonie, Tobias and Michael. Each of us comes from a different area of the private sector and has extensive work experience. We know the challenges of everyday working life and know about the complex structures of the corporate world. Interest in interpersonal issues, systemic coaching and the wish to extend this knowledge brought us together. Thanks to our diverse professional backgrounds and our broad training experience in areas such as team development and constructive communication, we complement each other ideally and make a strong, diverse team.

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For teams and departments to work on conflicts, improve collaboration or revitalize team spirit.

Systemic Coaching and Constructive Communication:
For individuals, employees, executives, individuals.

In everyday life we again and again meet our own boulders, which must be climbed to move forward, be it some aspect of our behavior that annoys us and robs us of energy, or a lack of orientation in our development – professionally or personally. Or it may be work colleagues, managers or employees that make life difficult, and you are looking for a way to make it easier to manage. Through the systemic view and methodologies, as well as training in team development and constructive communication, we can help you find solutions to your problems with a wide range of tools. We are here for you in Munich as well as all over Bavaria and in Dubai (United Arab Emirates).